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Halloween Event 2013 [Buka dikit Joss] [Copy Link]

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saya beri panduan yang event Halloween soalnya lihat di web GFO sm di Forum gak ada panduannya. Ini saya comot dari GFO Inter. isinya bahasa inggris, kalau gak tau tinggal translate aja di google.

Halloween Event 2013
Starting NPC: <Sprite Investigator> Triple-O at Approximately: (x161, y268) in Kaslow City.

He gives you 6 total options, the first one is the background story, the second is part of the 2nd quest, the third is the exchange option and the last three are the quests.

Quest 1: Demon Essence Recovery (REP):

You are asked by Triple-O to collect Demon Essence from ‘terrain’ items such as pots and chests. The drops will look like this:
Once you collect ten of these, you go turn the quest in at Triple-O for a Demonic Transformation Potion which you will use in the second leg of the quest.
http://i1283.photobucket.com/alb ... ion_zps07d1e9d5.png

Quest 2: Don’t Talk to Strangers (REP)
You are asked by Triple-O to Collect Pumpkin Capture Proof, Bat Capture Proof and Werewolf Capture Proof. Use the Tranform potion from the previous quest to complete this one. (Note: The potion will wear off in 1 hour, without it you cannot gain the proofs for this quest. Using any mounts or other transforms will also make the potion effect disappear.)
The Pumpkin Teleporter is in Kaslow Plains at (x763, y719)

Speak to the teleporter to get ‘Pumpkin Prince Dante,’ who will follow you.

You have 10 minutes from the time you summon the prince to talk to Triple-O and select the ‘Have you Captured the Pumkin Prince Dante’ option, which will give you the Pumpkin Capture Proof.

The Bat Teleporter is in Moonlight Forest at (x685, y278)

Speak to the teleporter to get ‘Bat Prince Bruce’ who will follow you.
You have 10 minutes from the time you summon him to talk to Double-O One In Ilya city at (x288, y78).

Select the option (There’s only one) ‘Have you captured Bat Prince Bruce?’ to gain the Bat Capture Proof.

The Werewolf Teleporter is in Steam Mine Mountain at (x244, y200)

Speak to the teleporter to get ‘Werewolf Prince Beo’ who will follow you.

You have 10 minutes from the time you summon him to speak with Double-O Two in Jale city at (x173, y189).

Select the option (again, there’s only one) ‘Have you captured Werewolf Prince Beo?’ to get the Werewolf Capture Proof.

Once you have all three proofs, go back and speak with Triple-O in Kaslow to complete the quest and get 1x Halloween Emblem and 1x Halloween Candy Box.

(Be careful not to get them killed, the princes will attack any stray red monsters who attack you)

Both of the Repeatable quests have a 3 hour cool-down.
Quest 3:
Triple-O asks you to collect 30 Halloween Emblems [the reward from Don’t Talk to Strangers (REP)] in exchange for a special title: Halloween Exterminator.
the Halloween Exterminator title gives the following bonuses: Attacks have a 20% chance to inflict +200 Holy Damage to Physical and Magical Attack

If a title doesn’t interest you, you can turn in 3 emblems for a fortune bag.

The prizes from the fortune bags are as follows:
From the Halloween Candy box, you have a chance to get one of the following items: Cheery Cherry Halloween Candy x2, Radioactive Orange Halloween Candy x2, Lemon Pucker Halloween Candy x2, Grape Escape Halloween Candy x2, Boo-Berry Halloween Candy x2, Sugar Rush Halloween Candy x2

From the Halloween Surprise Fortune Bag, you have a chance to get one of the following items:
Grade A Attack Upgrade Scroll x2, Grade A Defense Upgrade Scroll x2, Magic Honey-Glazed Biscuits x2, Magic Soda Pop x2, Demon Essence Dregs x2, Exorcist's Holy Water x2, Blessed Holy Water x2, Wicked Pumpkin Staff (3 Day version) x1, Wicked Pumpkin Staff (permanent version) x1


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thanks yaa kk