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What kind of woman's "vaginal discharge" is wrong? [Copy Link]

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The problem of "vaginal discharge" can xowallet be worrying for many women and may be too embarrassed to consult a friend or doctor. Sanook Health has information from Dr. Surachet Apinilbongkot, MD, of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Samitivej Hospital Try to observe the nature of the vaginal discharge first before introducing If there is something wrong So that the doctor can go see the doctor immediately before the symptoms worsen

What is a vaginal discharge?
A discharge is mucus that flows from a woman's vagina, not menstrual blood. This mucus is excreted from the cervix and into the vagina. To moisturize the vaginal area and help prevent infections in the vagina.

What kind of woman's "vaginal discharge" is wrong?
Amount of vaginal discharge
The amount of vaginal discharge for each person is not the same. So you have to compare it with yourself. What was the original amount of vaginal discharge before, mid-menstrual cycle, and after the menstrual cycle? If there is a change in the amount that is more and more noticeable To suspect that it is a abnormal vaginal discharge.

The appearance of the vaginal discharge
The vaginal discharge is normally cloudy. Varies according to the menstrual cycle The pre- and post-menstrual period is more cloudy than in the middle of the menstrual cycle. But if the vaginal discharge looks more cloudy Until sometimes thickened like powder or milk stains This vaginal discharge can be caused by a fungus.

The color of the vaginal discharge
In general, it should be opaque. May have yellowish yellow Or a little yellow white But if it starts to yellow and green Considered unusual

In addition, if the vaginal discharge starts to turn brown May be caused by the uterine wall peeling slowly. Often found after menstruation Which during menstruation, the uterine wall has not yet completely peeled off Or perhaps not peeling off during menstruation Causing the vaginal discharge to turn brown The problem may be that the uterus begins to sag. But if the vaginal discharge is brown with a bubble with a musty smell Urine burning and itching Considered to be abnormal vaginal discharge Due to the irritation of the vagina Sometimes it can be so severe that there is a burning sensation in the groin area. Should seek immediate medical attention.

The smell of vaginal discharge
Each person's vaginal discharge has a different smell. But abnormal vaginal discharge is a vaginal discharge that has a foul odor that is too normal. Especially while having sex Or after having new sex It can be caused by a vaginal discharge that is infected by a certain group of bacteria or a worm in the vagina. Which in the male semen is alkaline to react Will cause a smell like rotten fish

But still Yes, that odorless vaginal discharge is not dangerous. Because if the vaginal discharge does not smell But there is a large quantity Has the appearance of milk stains Next to underwear And itching This is mainly due to the dampness of the underwear, which must be exposed to the sun to dry. Not indoor drying Even if the underwear is dry, mold can occur. In addition, letting it moist during the day is another cause of vaginal candidiasis. Resulting in abnormal vaginal discharge as well

Summary of symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge
More than usual
Thick like a paste or milk residue
The color starts to turn green or brown.
The vaginal discharge has a bubble with a musty smell. With burning itching while urinating
Has a fishy smell like rotten fish While having sex Or after having new sex
Have a vaginal discharge with itching or burning
Causes of abnormal vaginal discharge
There is a fungus around the vagina. From wearing damp underwear
The uterine wall slowly peels off after menopause.
The vagina is irritated
Take certain drugs or foods, such as certain antibiotics, fermented foods, seafood.
Have sores from a vaginal infection
Pregnant, especially pregnant women with diabetes
Having sex with someone who has gonorrhea (The vaginal discharge looks like pus May not be large quantity And may have a little smell Must have a doctor for a thorough examination)
How to clean when there is a discharge
The best cleaning is with plain water. And pat dry If menstruation should change tampons frequently. It is not recommended to use sanitary pads. Because it is more easily damp And do not let it be damp Underwear should be changed when wet, wash and dry thoroughly before wearing.