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Revealing the Nendoroid of Kamado Tanjiro and Tomioka Kiyu [Copy Link]

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Post on 2021-04-06 16:39:09 |All Posts

Kamado Tanjiro and Tomioka Giyu, two male characters famous from the anime Sword Destroyer of Demons, are still a fan character. Many people love it, and now Good Smile has prepared the two characters' Nendoroid to be released this year.

Tanjiro's Nendoroid will be able to change the attack position. And can change the appearance Kiyu will also be accompanied by a watery prop while the characters are using their attack moves. Of course, you can change the appearance as well.

For the Nendoroid of Tanjiro has been released. But Kiyu is opening pre-orders and will start shipping in December. Tanjiro is on sale for $ 55.99, while Giu is on sale for $ 56.99. In Thailand, you can ask the figure shop to order.

Pre-order and order Nendoroid, the Demon Slayer of Tanjiro and Kyu.

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