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What are the risks of the itchiness of women "hidden spots"? [Copy Link]

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Symptoms "itch" at the hidden slot online point It is not a distant issue for women. They are often found and occur for a number of reasons. The most common cause is mold. Suggest women should not be ignored. Because starting small points Just an itching around or inside the vagina can lead to a wide variety of problems, from discharge, odor, irritation, inflammation, and even more serious diseases such as cancer. It effectively reveals that itching in the intimate area of ​​women can be caused by a number of reasons. Because this part of the skin is delicate, gentle and easily irritated. Therefore, it should be observed and taken good care of the health of the intimate area.

The most common cause of itching is "fungus", which can itch both outside and inside the vagina. It can also be caused by dampness during prolonged use of tampons. Allergic to laundry detergent Or allergic to cleansers to clean the intimate area. In addition, itching may also be caused by other causes, including intimate skin diseases. Or even cancer

Itchy ... because of the fungus.
Itching from the female genital fungus is not far-fetched, as half of the women were Fungi at least once in life, and up to 10% of fungi more often than four times a year. Watery or white lumps And often there is itching, burning, pain in the vagina or vulva as well. Suggest to hurry to have an internal examination with a doctor immediately.

What to do when "itching" is hidden
Today, many women still have inaccurate knowledge about intimate care - take care of intimate areas, such as when itching, flare-up or smell, use soapy water to douche into the vagina, apply powder, or some have a problem. Mistakenly believe that Slavery, exfoliation or whitening will not make it dull. These methods can cause more allergic reactions and irritation. More importantly, when itching, do not scratch it often because the skin will become chronically inflamed, causing cancer to continue.

Unpleasant "smell"
The smell that many people are concerned about Usually the intimate area will have a faint sour smell. Due to the disease prevention bacteria that normally exist in the vagina, therefore, using scented soap and cleaning must be especially careful about allergy. Can only be used outside. Do not douche into the vagina. Will lose the equilibrium More vulnerable to inflammation and smell More importantly, it is best not to apply powder in that area, as there is research to increase the chance of ovarian cancer.

How to properly care for the intimate area
For health care in the intimate area, the correct methods are as follows.

You need to reduce the risk first. Mold is more likely to grow if the intimate area is damp, such as wearing sanitary pads every day or rarely changing tampons during menstruation. Exercise until the sweat is flooded and left uncleaned. Wearing pants that fit too tight, stay put, wear tight jeans.
Reduce the intake of antibacterial drugs frequently.
Those in the period of pregnancy Or patients with poor control of diabetes People with abnormal symptoms For example, increased vaginal discharge or itching, burning, pain, irritation. Should immediately come to the doctor to determine the cause and make an accurate diagnosis.
How to treat a fungus in the intimate area
For the use of drugs for the treatment of hidden fungi. Both outside and inside the vagina Today, the treatment is used in the form of oral, topical and interleaved drugs by the most widely used drugs. And has certified medical studies such as coltrimazole, which are both topical and injectable

Recommended to use topical drugs in conjunction with the drug insert. In case of fungal infection both inside and around the genitals. Because it can reduce the recurrence rate More importantly, when choosing to buy drugs from social media, you should check their properties clearly. And at present there is no reliable research that Any cleanser or serum cream Can kill mold as advertised People with symptoms should choose standard quality drugs. It is a reliable product. It is certified by the FDA and recommended by a specialist, physician or pharmacist.

The most important thing in the care of a woman's vaginal area. Is to use the correct drug and it is important to reduce the risk. Should take care that the sister is dry. Do not let it get wet and damp. Can be washed with non-allergic products only outside. And when there are abnormal symptoms such as vaginal discharge or itchy, irritated smell Should urgently come to be examined by a medical professional In order to use the drug correctly with the infection will have good results Efficient Prevent complications or lead to serious illness in the future.

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