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5 causes of acne that young men should know [Copy Link]

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Post on 2021-04-05 14:49:41 |All Posts

Have you ever wondered whether Why do we have acne often Even the old pimples will be cured. But new tablets keep popping up again and again. Today we will take the young Followed to see what causes acne. You know that you can avoid acne triggers.

1. Sleep late
One of the main causes of acne Often comes from the body's lack of rest. Making hormones and working systems in the body such as the circulatory system Lymphatic system Quite easily messed up Have you noticed that when you sleep very late, sleep deprive? Your skin tends to be soft and moisturized, dry and rough on the inside, but the outer skin is greasy, large pores, and worst of all, acne and if not treated properly. Spots can lead to acne breakouts, acne sores, and can spread to a large extent.

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2. Stress
This is the biggest enemy of acne that has it all. Because everyone can get stressed out. But when it happened You should know how to let go and stop it. If you are allowed to stress over and over again, the hormone Cortisol will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce oil. Until there was a pimple up there

3. Heredity
Genetics is a part of acne as well, because many families when parents have acne. Children also have the opportunity to become, too. Although in this section there is no definite conclusion But one thing that has been studied has already looked at Found that the twins were born from the same egg They tend to be 97.9% more likely to develop the same acne, as opposed to twins born with different eggs. Instead, it was less likely to have acne, or about 45.8%.

4. Wash your face is not clean.
Cleaning your face thoroughly will help reduce the chance of acne breakouts. Especially the boys Anyone who has applied sunscreen should wash it off. In the process of washing your face, do not wash your face too quickly. Must wash your face as clean as possible. To help resolve the recurring acne problems

5. Chocolate, milk, sugar
Dairy products and sweeteners can often be the cause of acne breakouts. Although chocolate is one of these snacks. But research has shown that if you eat pure dark chocolate without milk, sugar is beneficial and does not cause acne. Even if you eat in large quantities

If you know, you should change your eating, sleeping, or even some activities in your daily life. So you have a clear, acne-free face, worry-free, and also do not have to spend money on many acne treatments as well.

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Post on 2021-04-06 18:57:21 |All Posts
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