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Makeup tips for beginners To be beautiful, clear, not allergic to professionals [Copy Link]

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Is a beginner who has just learned makeup It is not that it will not be able to perfect itself when it is broken if the girls know how to make up in the correct sequence What should I do first? And what should be done after Let's take a look at these tips. To add facial makeup to young women who do make up by themselves without worry I certify that I can be beautiful with confidence. I definitely do not want as I thought.

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1. Let's start to nourish the skin first.

This step is considered the first priority before applying makeup. Because of the facial skin care before every makeup. Will help keep the skin healthy Have moisture And also protect the skin from being damaged after using cosmetics that contain chemicals as well. So before you add beauty to yourself It should apply an effective skin care cream. Do it every time before applying makeup. Which this method will be even more effective For girls with dry skin easily. Because it will help prevent the surface from causing flakes and cracks More importantly, it also helps to spread the foundation easier. It is a skin preparation that cannot be overlooked for young women who are new to it.

2. Apply the cosmetics in the correct sequence of steps

When the skin care cream is finished Followed by a suitable foundation Choose the shade that best suits your skin tone. Then spread over the face If you feel that the foundation is still unable to hide the wrinkles Or acne marks Can use concealer Can spread to the point that you want to cover more But it should not be too thick. This will help make the face look smoother and more radiant. Don't forget to optimize the sequence of steps according to our instructions. After these steps are done To paint the eyebrows by drawing the outline before applying the inner color. Choose to use a brow color that is light or dark to look at the color of the hair. Don't forget to fill your lips with lipstick to brighten up. Choose a color tone that matches your skin tone. Do not have to be too bold, because women are still a beginner who should make up to fit not too much.

3. Slap it with flour to reduce it. And increase confidence

The last step of makeup, just as important as any other step, is applying powder puff, or using loose powder as appropriate. The final powder application will help make the makeup look smooth and natural. It also reduces the oil that may occur during the day. But do not forget to avoid rubbing the powder puff or brush directly onto your face. But use the slap! To prevent the foundation and cream from falling off until it becomes a stain after it.

Just a few simple steps These add charm and natural beauty. That a beginner can do without as difficult as you think. No matter how often you have to meet people I do not have to worry about the dull face anymore. Because these basics will brighten up the girls Looks more beautiful, flawlessly like a professional ever.