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What is Azure data migration? [Copy Link]

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Post on 2021-02-22 18:05:40 |All Posts
Azure Database Migration Service is a managed service designed to enable migrations from multiple database sources to Microsoft Azure data platforms. The service uses Microsoft's Data Migration Assistant to generate assessment reports that provide recommendations to guide you through the changes required. When you're ready to begin the migration process, Azure Database Migration Service performs all the required steps.

Stitch and Talend partner closely with Microsoft. While this page details our products that have some overlapping functionality and the differences between them, we're more complementary than we are competitive. Microsoft Azure offers lots of products beyond what's mentioned on this page, and we have thousands of customers who successfully use our solutions together.

To know more about Azure managed services or Azure migration services visit Apps4Rent.

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Post on 2021-02-23 13:46:14 |All Posts
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Azure Database Migration Service is a tool that helps you simplify, guide, and automate your database migration to Azure. Easily migrate your data, schema, and objects from multiple sources to the cloud at scale.
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