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Blank paper, many ideas in the head and fierce competition. Designing a car is a process in which many factors influence, but, according to Ángel Lahoz, engineer responsible for the SUV prototype –Sport Utility Vehicle–, SEAT is preparing “the most beautiful thing about creating a show caris that you follow the whole process very closely, taking care of every detail ”,. “First you see it on paper, then virtually, and finally when it becomes reality it is a satisfaction”, but getting to that moment is not easy. Along the way are the aerodynamic, energy efficiency, safety and cost requirements. A simple trim that is only worth a few euros has a great economic impact when it comes to producing thousands of units, and a modification to the body that would make it slimmer will probably affect the interior habitability and the research was done by auto for trade.

Combining all the requirements without losing appeal or the ability to excite the buyer are the challenges that design departments face. “In the next SEAT model we wanted to capture the tension of an athlete awaiting the start. A moment of maximum tension, physical and mental”. It is known that it will be named after a Spanish city, that there will be versions with 4 × 2 and 4 × 4 traction, also a hybrid and that it will go on sale in 2016.


5 months of preparation takes approximately to build a prototype15 people on average are involved in the process until its final phase


The ideas begin to be captured with pencil and paper. All the creativity of the designers is reflected in the first sketches, to later move on to a purely technical and computerized rendering phase.


From the conception of the model, meetings between the various teams take place periodically to combine beauty effectively. After creating a model in moldable synthetic clay, the formulations to choose the exterior color begin.


Details are essential to increase the quality perceived by the driver. Stitching, colors and fabrics are key to the harmony of the whole. Most of these processes are manual.


The result is very similar to the vehicle that will be produced in series, but without the requirements that approval requires. On the left, the show car of the new SEAT SUV.



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